Fruit Salsa seems to be the new rage among taco lovers alike, or perhaps it was always liked and I’m coming out of my taco shell… ready to experience the fruity side of the salsa world!  So my first question is and maybe some of yours as well, when is it “appropriate” to use fruit salsas? Think Chicken & Fish, and by itself, like a Mexican fruit salad!


Fish- With fish pairing Mango salsa or a fruit similar to that with a bit of cilantro, lime and chopped red onion adds a pizazz to your fish taco and keeps it refreshing and healthy.  Adding mint in place of cilantro adds a nice combination of flavors and can help jazz it up a bit!


Chicken-  Chicken and pineapple come to mind when I think Fruit salsa and poultry.  Pineapple like that found paired with teriyaki chicken is a great citrus addition to the often bland taste of a chicken breast.  Add some habaneros or other spicy pepper of your choice to give it a kick that’s spares with the tang of the pineapple


Side Dish- For my fruit lovers eat it BY ITSELF!!! It is delicious as a side to any type of taco.  Whether to cleanse your palette when switching between different taco meats, or simply to add a healthful side to your tacos, quesadillas etc. fruit salsa is where it’s at.  While it doesn’t tend to pair all that well with beef and other heartier meats the rule in a taco lovers life is there are no rules when it comes to tacos!  

There are so many new and delicious fruit salsa recipes to try that can be found anywhere on line.  If you are in the San Diego area and have an urge for tacos stop into our Taco shop, SD Taco Co. and try one of our daily delicious fruit salsas made from scratch.  At the beach?  Make sure to look for our trusty Food Truck, delivering fresh tacos on the beach!  Adding a fruit salsa to your lunch can give you a boost of hydration while playing in the sun.  We as well always encourage you to try and make your own creations.  We also like to hear of new recipes so be sure to drop yours in one of our drop boxes by the salsa bar!  Ole’…Fruit Salsa.

With the warm weather approaching it is important for food trucks and kitchens to keep their temperatures regulated to promote the serving of properly cooled and heated foods.  When temperature is not maintained to the degree specifications for that food, bacteria and other harmful viruses can grow.  When these bacteria are ingested by a person they become very ill and in severe cases can cause death!  So what am I saying… I’m saying food temperature is key in serving healthy and safe foods!!!

A friend of mine has a Taco Shop in Tempe, Arizona, which we all know is smack dab in the middle of the scorching desert. With temperatures reaching 120+ degrees in the summer months, people are advised of heat warnings on a daily basis.  Food left out can quickly go south and dehydration is a real thing.  Andy, the owner of the Taco Shop was making all the meats one day when his AC went out.  His kitchen quickly became unbearably hot.  It was barely tolerable working conditions let alone any place for food that needed to cool and cold food that needed to stay cold.  He panicked he knew he had a short window of time to bring his temperature back up or risk losing all his product and being unable to open today.  Today was Tuesday! Taco Tuesday, he couldn’t let his customers down either.  There was a line out the door on Tuesdays!  The heat was on in this Az Taco shop, in literal sense!  Andy called, and had a AC Technician sent out right away.  Being one of my good friends and a fellow Taco Entrepreneur, he called me to vent.  Immediately we came up with a plan and while the AC Tech worked to fix the problem Andy had coolers and ice brought in and was able to keep his product fresh.  The AC Tech was amazing at his job and fixed the problem, a frozen hose!  Andy was able to open for business only 30 minutes after schedule, providing mucho tacos for the masses and saving Taco Tuesday!…

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Tacos and more tacos, we can’t ever get sick of tacos!  This has to be a true statement with all the different types of tacos, and taco styles out there, including the breakfast kind.  You heard correct!  Bring in the breakfast tacos!  A simple and delicious way to incorporate tacos into breakfast time. Here at Sd Taco Co. we are always looking for new ways to bring the great taco taste to our consumers in different ways.  With our new and improved food truck we don’t want to wait until lunch time to start distributing our delicious tacos to hungry people.  The concept of breakfast tacos can definitely not be accredited to us, but we can be credited for making our rockin own version of this new breakfast delicacy!

We are always looking for feedback or suggestions so if you have any ideas on a awesome breakfast taco or what added ingredient may better complement the tacos we offer please be sure to email us on our contact us page.  However we are pretty confident that you will be pretty impressed with the delicious combinations we have come up with for all you taco lovers.  Not only are they spectacular but they also cater to the taste buds of many ranging from vegan, to vegetarians, and to all you meat lovers out there. Below are a few of our creations for you to drool over, we do suggest though coming out to our location or stopping by our taco truck next time we are in your area so you can taste heaven yourself, and all before 11am!

Monday Morning- Feeling a little scrambled?  We got you!  Filled with scrambled eggs a blend of shredded mozzarella and cheddar cheese, guacamole and red or green salsa this simple delight is sure to start your week off right.  For the meat lovers add bacon or chorizo for a little protein and hardiness.

Papas & Chorizo- Filled with “papas” or Mexican style potatoes that are mixed with chorizo, pico de gallo, and red or green salsa.  This is a chorizo lovers favorite!  With your choice of corn or flour tortilla you are able to customize it to your exact preference

Veggie Lover’s Delight- This hippie inspired breakfast taco boasts organic mushrooms, peppers, and onions mixed with scrambled eggs/or tofu scramble, guacamole, pepper jack cheese for a little spice, and green or red salsa.  Also served on your choice of a corn or flour tortilla.  Heck you want to be gluten free, we got those tortillas as well.

Like I said these are just a few of our delicious new breakfast fare.  While we do have pre designed tacos to choose from remember to that we are pretty flexible and would love to have you customize your own breakfast tacos.  Pick from a list of our fresh and organic when available ingredients and we are sure to make a breakfast taco to your heart’s content.  After all the great thing about tacos is that they were made to be customized.  So don’t wait for taco tuesday or even until noon time.  Try our new breakfast tacos and start your day off satisfied, healthy, and full of taco love!!

Fish tacos are my favorite type of taco. To be specific, grilled fish tacos are the way to go. Depending where you are at and who’s serving up the pescado, the style will differ. From fried cod to grilled mahi mahi to wahoo, their are options in the land of fish tacos.

I grew up in Hawaii. Ono or “Wahoo” was my favorite type of fish to have, especially since it was fresh and abundant on the islands. Tres Hombres Cantina, located in Kawaihae was the place to go for top notch mexican food, and huge, scrumptious fish tacos. It is no longer there, but when it was, that was our spot.

Let me give you the low down on the way I like my fish tacos.

Premium Fish Tacos

Soft corn, grilled mahi mahi or ono (wahoo), thinly shredded cabbage, fresh avocado, hot salsa, fresh lime, and baja sauce (optional). Simple is the way to go in my book. If you start with good fish thrown on the grill, you cannot go wrong. I like to eat my tacos along side some black beans – a spoonful in the tacos always adds another element of flavor. And of course, let’s not leave out good ol’ margarita!

Now this is just my preference as far as fish tacos go. I do think on occasion a fried fish is delicious. The additional layer of warm texture and crunch goes a long way….especially after a few to many of those Top Shelf Margaritas.

I recently had some excellent fish tacos in the middle of winter in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. We found this little local place called Kips Grill, It was small and packed, and delivered  some mouth watering tacos. They kept it simple and did it right.

Their guacamole was great, the margaritas were delicious, and the service was on point. If you happen to be in Southern Colorado, I would give Kip’s a try.

Even their carneasada tacos were to die for. Here is a pic from our meal. I wish I got more, but I was too busy salivating and digesting the heaven that was in front of me. The first image are the steak tacos, and that’s me in the back rolling up my ‘grilled ono’ taco for a big chomp!

What’s your favorite style fish taco? What are some places you recommend? Obviously beach front with killer tacos is ideal, but several states that lack the ocean still dish up some great tacos. We would love for you to share places you’ve been that deserve to be mentioned.

We all know how great tacos are, but combine tacos and a bunch of awesome cars and you have yourself most men and probably a lot of women’s idea of a really great day.  San Diego Taco Company took our rockin’ food truck to the car show this past weekend.  We thought we would join in the fun and excitement and provide car enthusiasts with great food to eat while they watched some great cars race, and viewed the ones parked there and be beautiful.  What we didn’t know was what a great opportunity it would be for us to meet other small business owners and network with some very talented and interesting people.  We are especially excited about meeting owner and technicians.  These guys don’t just love cars and tacos they help design the appearance!  These guys are top experts in vinyl wrapping your car, truck, hey even our taco truck in whatever style, color, or design imaginable. They are affordable and experienced individuals.  So much so that they are cutting a deal with us in trade for our delicious tacos.

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Margaritas!!! Margaritas go hand in hand with Mexican food of all types.  It is a favorite cocktail among both male and females and comes with a list of possible tales of it’s origin.  For starters before we get on with the history of this exceptional mixed drink, let’s define the ingredients.   The base of this cocktail is tequila, whether you choose silver or gold tequila the main point is that there is tequila!  Next we mix in a little bit of triple sec, and some lime or lemon juice(sweet & sour).  The best part about this drink is it can be served three different ways.  On the rocks which is over ice and shaken.  Frozen, which is the ingredients and ice blended in a blender. And lastly, served straight up, with no ice at all.  The last and perhaps the icing on the cake is that most margaritas can be served with either a salted, or sugar rim.  Add a fresh lime wedge for garnish and you have yourself a drink!  Add some fruit and you have yourself a fruit margarita!

So where did this delicious drink originate? We may narrow it down to a few stories we like but one thing is certain, there are many tales to choose from.  One of the earliest stories dates back to 1938 in a Mexican restaurant by the name of Rancho La Gloria, situated between Tijuana and Rosarito, Mexico.  Carlos ”Danny” Herrera the owner of this mexican eatery was said to have made the cocktail for dancer and valued customer Marjorie King.  Marjorie was allergic to many spirits and could only really enjoy drinking tequila.  Mr. Herrera threw together the ingredients in the margarita and there you have a delicious drink and happy customer.

Still next we have the story of Margarita Sames.  A Dallas socialite who invented the drink for her guests at a party she threw at her Acapulco vacation home in 1948.  Tommy Hilton one of the members of the Hilton chain of hotels was said to be at the party and swiftly brought this drink recipe back to the hotel chain to serve at all their locations.

Jose Cuervo however disagrees with this story and has his own tale to tell.  Why?  Well Jose started advertising the Margarita in 1945 which is 3 years earlier than Margaritas Acapulco party.  His slogan went “Margarita, more than just a girls name.”  According to him the drink was invented by a bartender in 1938 in honor of showgirl Rita de la Rosa.  

Yet another tale is that the margarita is actually the American cocktail the Daisy renamed after using Tequila instead of Brandy as the alcohol base.  This change happened during the prohibition when people were forced to cross the border in order to obtain alcohol.

 Whatever the exact origin of this famous and widely popular drink truly is, the one thing that remains the same is it is a cocktail loved by many.  While it is a great companion to Mexican food, margaritas can be drank anywhere anytime.  Get your blenders out, or crush some ice and add a margarita station to your next taco party!

Let’s “taco bout” (a little taco humor) Mexican tacos vs. American tacos.  Most people’s idea of a taco is a corn or flour tortilla with meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and perhaps some sour cream in it.  However this version of the taco is the American taco.  Authentic Mexican tacos are usually served on a small corn tortilla, with meat and a little bit of salsa and fresh squeezed lime. Mexican tacos focus more on the type of meat that is used and how it is seasoned.  American tacos use, pork, beef, chicken, fish or veggies.  While most fish tacos are battered and fried but also sometimes grilled.  Mexican tacos use meat other than your basic picks, such as cabeza…which also means head!  Cabeza is meat found on the roasted head of a beef animal.  It is seasoned and cooked slowly to make juicy flavor filled meat for taco filling.  

     Whatever style of taco you may choose they are sure to be delicious.  Many people also get creative and can add just about anything to make a taco.  For example veggies were introduced for those of us out there that are vegetarians or vegans.  You may grill the veggies, saute them, roast them etc.  As goes with fish tacos which are probably one of America’s very favorite type of taco.  Grilled fish is a healthy way to enjoy a taco and can be very delicious.  While others still prefer fish but would rather batter and fry it, serving it with a tartar like sauce or aioli.  Over the course of the taco revolution fruit based salsa’s have even been added.  In Hawaii you can enjoy a grilled fish taco with mango salsa.  If that doesn’t sound delicious I don’t know what does!!!  Shredded beef, ground beef cooked in seasonings, carne asada, which is like grilled steak are just a few of the beef options when making or enjoying a taco.  

Whether you choose an authentic Mexican style taco or you live on the edge and create your own, the great thing about tacos is you can customize them anyway you wish.  For a family get together or a party you can always set up a make it yourself taco bar.  Provide fresh ingredients, maybe a few different meat/veggie choices and let your guests have fun creating their own combos.  Add some chips and salsa, maybe some homemade margaritas, and some Mexican music and you have yourself a grand fiesta!  Tacos are versatile no matter what culture you are from.

However we do suggest if you have only eaten American tacos that you try an authentic Mexican taco if you get the chance.  So on your next trip to Mexico or if you live near a taco spot that serves the authentic Mexican style type, grab a taco and try it.  We don’t think anyone could be bummed about a taco regardless of the style, because well they are just delicious!  

Tacos, tacos, tacos!!! Everybody loves tacos, so much in fact 4.9 billion were eaten in America last year!  There is a day of the week dedicated to these small Mexican “sandwiches” known as Taco Tuesday, and even a National holiday in their honor, October 4th.  Tacos, which is basically the Spanish word for little sandwiches, are loved by many and are quite famous in their own right.  However the exact origin of the taco is not exactly known.

  One self proclaimed taco expert thinks he may have an idea, Jeffrey M. Pilcher made it his duty to research where the taco may have derived from and in doing so has dated it back to the 18th century.  He believes that the word taco comes from the Silvermines of Mexico and first referred to the explosives used to blast out the ore.  Miners would wrap pieces of paper around gun powder and place the hand made explosive in holes carved in the rock to aid them in extracting the ore.  The “tacos” looked somewhat like that of a taquito, which means little taco!  The only support to Jeffrey’s belief didn’t come until the 19th century however.  That is when there is written proof of tacos as in the ones we eat, and they were then referred to as tacos de minero which translates to Miners Tacos. Coincidence?

Still others believe that the true origin of the taco dates all the way back to the 16th century, before the arrival of the Spanish In Mexico.   Experts say that there is evidence of settlers in the lake region of Mexico who ate tacos filled with small fish.  If this is true who can blame them! Fish tacos whether battered and fried or fresh off the grill are amazing and delicious.  What is not so amazing and delicious is the settlers of other regions that were said to have filled their tacos with insects, locusts, and ants to name a few. I’ll stick with the fish any day!!

Whatever the exact origin of tacos may be, one thing we do know is that they are a worldwide favorite to many.  With all the different options of meat, poultry, veggies and seafood that can fill a taco they reach every type of taste buds and palettes out there.  If you find yourself getting into a taco rut, we suggest jazzing them up with different sauces or seasoning added to the filling.  Maybe try a mango salsa on seafood tacos or a killer guacamole on a veggie taco.  One thing is for sure, tacos have no specific recipe, so do it up, create your own and have a taco party!!

You don’t need to wait for Taco Tuesday, although there are many spots that offer great tacos and deals that day.  Nor do you have to wait for National Taco Day on October 4th.  As a matter of fact all this taco talk is making me hungry.  I have a dinner party coming up tonight and I think i’m going to have a make it your self taco bar.  All the ingredients are placed separate and my quests are free to construct their very own tacos.  Minus any insects or ants of course!!!