Mexican VS American Tacos

Let’s “taco bout” (a little taco humor) Mexican tacos vs. American tacos.  Most people’s idea of a taco is a corn or flour tortilla with meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and perhaps some sour cream in it.  However this version of the taco is the American taco.  Authentic Mexican tacos are usually served on a small corn tortilla, with meat and a little bit of salsa and fresh squeezed lime. Mexican tacos focus more on the type of meat that is used and how it is seasoned.  American tacos use, pork, beef, chicken, fish or veggies.  While most fish tacos are battered and fried but also sometimes grilled.  Mexican tacos use meat other than your basic picks, such as cabeza…which also means head!  Cabeza is meat found on the roasted head of a beef animal.  It is seasoned and cooked slowly to make juicy flavor filled meat for taco filling.  

     Whatever style of taco you may choose they are sure to be delicious.  Many people also get creative and can add just about anything to make a taco.  For example veggies were introduced for those of us out there that are vegetarians or vegans.  You may grill the veggies, saute them, roast them etc.  As goes with fish tacos which are probably one of America’s very favorite type of taco.  Grilled fish is a healthy way to enjoy a taco and can be very delicious.  While others still prefer fish but would rather batter and fry it, serving it with a tartar like sauce or aioli.  Over the course of the taco revolution fruit based salsa’s have even been added.  In Hawaii you can enjoy a grilled fish taco with mango salsa.  If that doesn’t sound delicious I don’t know what does!!!  Shredded beef, ground beef cooked in seasonings, carne asada, which is like grilled steak are just a few of the beef options when making or enjoying a taco.  

Whether you choose an authentic Mexican style taco or you live on the edge and create your own, the great thing about tacos is you can customize them anyway you wish.  For a family get together or a party you can always set up a make it yourself taco bar.  Provide fresh ingredients, maybe a few different meat/veggie choices and let your guests have fun creating their own combos.  Add some chips and salsa, maybe some homemade margaritas, and some Mexican music and you have yourself a grand fiesta!  Tacos are versatile no matter what culture you are from.

However we do suggest if you have only eaten American tacos that you try an authentic Mexican taco if you get the chance.  So on your next trip to Mexico or if you live near a taco spot that serves the authentic Mexican style type, grab a taco and try it.  We don’t think anyone could be bummed about a taco regardless of the style, because well they are just delicious!