Margaritas!!! Margaritas go hand in hand with Mexican food of all types.  It is a favorite cocktail among both male and females and comes with a list of possible tales of it’s origin.  For starters before we get on with the history of this exceptional mixed drink, let’s define the ingredients.   The base of this cocktail is tequila, whether you choose silver or gold tequila the main point is that there is tequila!  Next we mix in a little bit of triple sec, and some lime or lemon juice(sweet & sour).  The best part about this drink is it can be served three different ways.  On the rocks which is over ice and shaken.  Frozen, which is the ingredients and ice blended in a blender. And lastly, served straight up, with no ice at all.  The last and perhaps the icing on the cake is that most margaritas can be served with either a salted, or sugar rim.  Add a fresh lime wedge for garnish and you have yourself a drink!  Add some fruit and you have yourself a fruit margarita!

So where did this delicious drink originate? We may narrow it down to a few stories we like but one thing is certain, there are many tales to choose from.  One of the earliest stories dates back to 1938 in a Mexican restaurant by the name of Rancho La Gloria, situated between Tijuana and Rosarito, Mexico.  Carlos ”Danny” Herrera the owner of this mexican eatery was said to have made the cocktail for dancer and valued customer Marjorie King.  Marjorie was allergic to many spirits and could only really enjoy drinking tequila.  Mr. Herrera threw together the ingredients in the margarita and there you have a delicious drink and happy customer.

Still next we have the story of Margarita Sames.  A Dallas socialite who invented the drink for her guests at a party she threw at her Acapulco vacation home in 1948.  Tommy Hilton one of the members of the Hilton chain of hotels was said to be at the party and swiftly brought this drink recipe back to the hotel chain to serve at all their locations.

Jose Cuervo however disagrees with this story and has his own tale to tell.  Why?  Well Jose started advertising the Margarita in 1945 which is 3 years earlier than Margaritas Acapulco party.  His slogan went “Margarita, more than just a girls name.”  According to him the drink was invented by a bartender in 1938 in honor of showgirl Rita de la Rosa.  

Yet another tale is that the margarita is actually the American cocktail the Daisy renamed after using Tequila instead of Brandy as the alcohol base.  This change happened during the prohibition when people were forced to cross the border in order to obtain alcohol.

 Whatever the exact origin of this famous and widely popular drink truly is, the one thing that remains the same is it is a cocktail loved by many.  While it is a great companion to Mexican food, margaritas can be drank anywhere anytime.  Get your blenders out, or crush some ice and add a margarita station to your next taco party!