Taco Pool Party

By this point, as a reader, you know we (the SD Taco crew) are the taco kings….and queens. We love tacos, we love salsa, we love sharing taco faves, and more. We eat tacos, dream tacos, and make tacos for a living!

Now that being said besides tacos, we love people, water, and enjoying life. Our San Diego Taco crew is serious about good food and good company.

We are excited to announce that this 2017 year we will be hosting a Taco Pool Party in Phoenix, AZ! Tacos, margaritas, music and water, how can life get any better?? I’ll tell you how, by helping others that have less. We have some great people helping us to pull this festive pool party together.

The Taco Pool Party is a large charity event that we are putting together with Dave from New Look Kool Deck & More LLC (newlookkooldeckandmore.com) Dave is a long time friend and excellent human. We are coming together to feed those in need. A percentage of the ticket proceeds will go directly to feed many local Arizona families. Dave is adding on top of that. Not only is he building the pool deck we will all be eating tacos and listening to live jams on, he is also donating a portion of any sales his company receives from the Taco Pool Party to help shelter local families that are in need of it.

Dave, the SD Taco Crew, and all those involved are so very great ful for the fortunes we have in life. We all work hard and have been given opportunities that have helped us get to where we are. If it weren’t for others believing in us, we would not be where we are today. This Taco Pool Party is a way for us to come together to acknowledge our fortune and give back to those less fortunate. Food and shelter are essentials for being n the right mental state to grow and succeed. The very least we can do is our part to feed and provide safe shelter to a percentage of the population that does not have access to it.

2017 Summer Taco Pool Party

The Taco Pool Party will be located  Phoenix , Arizona on May 27, 2017 from 12pm-7pm. The exact place will be announced in the very near future.

Ticket prices will be $35 and include all you can eat Tacos, live music and an extraordinary pool party. The margarita stand will offer up a variety of margaritas, tequilas and beers. Two drink tickets are included with each ticket. All drinks will then be $7.

The Taco Pool Party is a place for people to come together to support a great cause, eat fricken delicious tacos, soak up the sun, meet new people, and slurp down some potent margaritas! If you have any questions, please contact us for more details.