Let’s Taco Bout How Hot It Is!!!!!!!

With the warm weather approaching it is important for food trucks and kitchens to keep their temperatures regulated to promote the serving of properly cooled and heated foods.  When temperature is not maintained to the degree specifications for that food, bacteria and other harmful viruses can grow.  When these bacteria are ingested by a person they become very ill and in severe cases can cause death!  So what am I saying… I’m saying food temperature is key in serving healthy and safe foods!!!

A friend of mine has a Taco Shop in Tempe, Arizona, which we all know is smack dab in the middle of the scorching desert. With temperatures reaching 120+ degrees in the summer months, people are advised of heat warnings on a daily basis.  Food left out can quickly go south and dehydration is a real thing.  Andy, the owner of the Taco Shop was making all the meats one day when his AC went out.  His kitchen quickly became unbearably hot.  It was barely tolerable working conditions let alone any place for food that needed to cool and cold food that needed to stay cold.  He panicked he knew he had a short window of time to bring his temperature back up or risk losing all his product and being unable to open today.  Today was Tuesday! Taco Tuesday, he couldn’t let his customers down either.  There was a line out the door on Tuesdays!  The heat was on in this Az Taco shop, in literal sense!  Andy called acrepairtempeaz.com, and had a AC Technician sent out right away.  Being one of my good friends and a fellow Taco Entrepreneur, he called me to vent.  Immediately we came up with a plan and while the AC Tech worked to fix the problem Andy had coolers and ice brought in and was able to keep his product fresh.  The AC Tech was amazing at his job and fixed the problem, a frozen hose!  Andy was able to open for business only 30 minutes after schedule, providing mucho tacos for the masses and saving Taco Tuesday!…

From this great story I hope we all took away from it the fact that storing your meats and other ingredients in both shops, and Food Trucks is of great importance. Us here at SD Taco Co know the importance of maintaining and serving safe and healthy products. When in doubt use Andy as your inspiration and call a great AC repair guy and bring in the ice chests!