Fish Tacos – What’s your style?

Fish tacos are my favorite type of taco. To be specific, grilled fish tacos are the way to go. Depending where you are at and who’s serving up the pescado, the style will differ. From fried cod to grilled mahi mahi to wahoo, their are options in the land of fish tacos.

I grew up in Hawaii. Ono or “Wahoo” was my favorite type of fish to have, especially since it was fresh and abundant on the islands. Tres Hombres Cantina, located in Kawaihae was the place to go for top notch mexican food, and huge, scrumptious fish tacos. It is no longer there, but when it was, that was our spot.

Let me give you the low down on the way I like my fish tacos.

Premium Fish Tacos

Soft corn, grilled mahi mahi or ono (wahoo), thinly shredded cabbage, fresh avocado, hot salsa, fresh lime, and baja sauce (optional). Simple is the way to go in my book. If you start with good fish thrown on the grill, you cannot go wrong. I like to eat my tacos along side some black beans – a spoonful in the tacos always adds another element of flavor. And of course, let’s not leave out good ol’ margarita!

Now this is just my preference as far as fish tacos go. I do think on occasion a fried fish is delicious. The additional layer of warm texture and crunch goes a long way….especially after a few to many of those Top Shelf Margaritas.

I recently had some excellent fish tacos in the middle of winter in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. We found this little local place called Kips Grill, It was small and packed, and delivered  some mouth watering tacos. They kept it simple and did it right.

Their guacamole was great, the margaritas were delicious, and the service was on point. If you happen to be in Southern Colorado, I would give Kip’s a try.

Even their carneasada tacos were to die for. Here is a pic from our meal. I wish I got more, but I was too busy salivating and digesting the heaven that was in front of me. The first image are the steak tacos, and that’s me in the back rolling up my ‘grilled ono’ taco for a big chomp!

What’s your favorite style fish taco? What are some places you recommend? Obviously beach front with killer tacos is ideal, but several states that lack the ocean still dish up some great tacos. We would love for you to share places you’ve been that deserve to be mentioned.